Tuesday June 11, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Mexico Freezes Accounts?

Human trafficking investigation is widening and bank accounts are being frozen but whose are they? Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Turns Silencer Case Away

Silencers are a gun accessory and not a gun protected by 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Story

Anti-Tobacco Lobby Disappointed: No Tax Hike In New Vaping Law

Governor has ‘significant reservations’ over signing bill banning sales of vaping products to minors

Michigan Road Funding at Record Levels Without Proposed Tax Hike

Lawmakers should be aware of the amount currently being spent on roads

YOU Foot the Bill

California will make taxpayers pay for illegal immigrant’s health coverage Click Here for Story

Nadler Not Up To It?

Dems wonder about Rep Nadler handling Trump Investigation Click Here for Details

Mexico Deal Is Good for Both Sides

Can Mexico benefit from controlling its border as well? Click Here for Story

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