Tuesday June 13, 2017

Stacked Deck: Is Mueller Compromised?

Special counsel doesn’t seem to be independent after all Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

Detroit Deportations

Iraquis with criminal past swept up in deportations Click Here for Details

Business Subsidies Won’t Drive Growth

  In endorsing a proposal to give businesses more subsidies, The Detroit News says that failing to pass this package “stunts not just job creation, but the state’s population growth as well.”  … more

No Obstruction

Watch: Constitutional lawyer completely destroys liberal Trump ‘obstruction’ narrative live on MSNBC Lawyer schools lib media on whether there has been Obstruction by Trump camp Click Here for Details and Video

US Helped Philippines

US military surprised Philippines by showing up to help besieged city Philippine Army got some help from the US on fight with ISIS Click Here for Story

Investigate Lynch

Democrat calls for investigation of former AG Lynch and Clinton scandal Click Here for Details

Deadliest Ramadan?

Holy month death toll continues to rise Click Here for Story

No Evidence

Senators seeing no evidence of Trump Russian collusion Click Here for Details

Armed Response

Cartel Jalisco Nueva GeneracionSenator Cruz says its time for a military response to Drug Cartels Click Here for Story


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