Tuesday June 17, 2014

Can You Help?

Green Oak Police seek help to identify fraud suspect Click Here for Details

Double Standard On School District Deficits

Some perspective on overspending

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Some state officials are raising questions again about charter public school operators now that one running the Muskegon schools is ending its contract. … more

Commentary: Grazed and Confused

Detroit’s response to goats exposes bigger problem

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Detroit joins many municipalities around the state in banning farm animals within the city limits. But Detroit is an insolvent city at the top of several national crime statistics and cannot keep the lights on, yet it is spending time and effort focusing on regulatory rules that seemingly result in no harm to anyone. … more

Court Upholds Law Banning Automatic Wage Increases For Public Employees

Prior to law, unions could lock in compensation increases with little incentive to negotiate

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Cap Con

A 2011 law banned the practice of salary increases after collective bargaining agreements expired. Before the law, what was happening was a union contract would lock in raises. After a contract expired, the law required districts make pay increases as if the contract was still in effect. That meant step increases and wages were guaranteed until a new contract was agreed to by both parties. The new law froze salaries until a new contract was reached. … more

Obama Admin Willing to Work with Iran?

  Secretary Kerry says US is open to working with Iran on Iraq Click Here for Details

Planned Invasion

  Children and Teens crossing border have rehearsed answers for Border Agents Click Here for Story

Sorry Excuse

Lerner  GOP blasts IRS for now saying they lost Lois Lerner emails Click Here for Story

Don’t Work with Iran

McCain says its folly to work with Iran on Iraq crisis Click Here for Details

Islamist Butchers

This image posted on a militant website on Saturday, …  ISIS  members using their religion to massacre soldiers and civilians in Iraq Click Here for Story

Obama’s Illegal Flood

McAllen bus terminal  White House policies have latin Americans flooding the border Click Here for Details

Muslim Terrorists Killing Kenyans

   48 dead as terrorists quiz victims then kill non-muslims Click Here for Story

Iraq is Obama’s Fault

Quick pullout left power vaccuum Click Here for Story

Can’t Stop Gangs

Border agents say they’re helpless to stop gang memebers from entering US Click Here for Details

Pay It Back

   Obamacare enrollees being contacted about  being paid too much subsidy Click Here for Story


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