Tuesday June 18, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

One Hit Wonder?

AOC not liked in her own district…will she get re-elected? Click Here for Details and Video

Congressman Andy Levin Continues Tradition

Off the charts stupidity is a Democrat tradition Click Here for Story 

Private School Decline May Be Overstated

Families need more, not fewer, education options

All Quiet On The ‘Photo-Cop’ Legislative Front — For Now

Revenue-seeking municipalities and device vendors behind push to bring red-light cameras

Crazy Gender Bendering?

Gay journalist says the gender fluidity issue is getting out of hand Click Here for Details

Fake News Continues

Phony biased polling and ridiculous pundits want Americans to think Trump is un-electable Click Here for Story

This Is What to Watch

No matter the polls Democrats can’t match POTUS pulling power Click Here for Details and Video

From the Science Side…

Fountain of youth found in blood? Click Here for Details

Iranian Threats

Will break Uranium stockpile limits in 10 days Click Here for Story


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