Tuesday June 24, 2014

Did Global Warming Cause This?

Cold winter causes damage to blueberries and forces farm to close Click Here for Story

School Districts Copying Each Other’s Homework While Calling Increased Funding a ‘Cut’

Farmington superintendent calls $50 per-pupil increase a ‘$335,000 loss’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

“Who’s copying whose homework?” said Kyle Olson, founder of Education Action Group, a non-profit organization that promotes education reform and has its headquarters in Michigan. “The cuts are so dramatic that they can’t even take the time to write their own letter?” … more

Legislature Takes On Education, E-Cigarettes and Guns

MichiganVotes weekly vote report

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Legislature left for an extended summer vacation, but not before voting on a number of issues including fuel taxes, real estate tax breaks and the budget, to name a few.  … more

SCOTUS Overrules EPA

Limits EPA’s pwer to reduce greenhouse gases Click Here for Details

The Laughable Hillary

  Clinton’s latest comments bring laughter from even CNN commentator Click Here for Story

What’s Good for the Goose….

  Bill introduced to allow taxpayers to use the same lame excuses the IRS uses? Click Here for Details

Saddam’s Revenge?

Image via michaelsavage.com    Judge who ordered Saddam Hussein’s death is caught by ISIS and executed ? Click Here for Story

Climate Data Has Been Manipulated

US has actually been cooling since 1930’s Click Here for Details

Iraq Borders Fall

Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council …  Syria and Jordan borders with Iraq now under ISIS control? Click Here for Story

Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

Polsih officials say alliance with US is useless Click Here for Details

Illegals Bringing Epidemic?

   Doctors warn of diseases crossing the border Click Here for Story

US and Britain Ignored Warnings on ISIS?

Regional allies allegedly told MI6 and CIA about ISIS advance Click Here for Details

 Alaska Hit by 8.0 Earthquake

Tsunami warnings up for Alaskan Islands Click Here for Story

Not Little Children?

    Contrary to the media reports most of children running for the US border are not little nor female Click Here for Details


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