Tuesday June 28, 2016

Obama’s Gun Control?

Over 52,000 guns a day are being sold because of Democratic threats against the 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story and Video

Celebrating 240

Brighton and area parades ready for Independence Day Click Here for Story

Deficits Loom, But Community College Launches Athletics Program Anyway

  Having eliminated some teaching positions and still facing a projected budget deficit, a community college in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula plans to launch an athletics program … more

MSU Scholar Ignores School Revenue Sources

   Dozens of school districts have at one time been under close watch by the Michigan Department of Education because of their shaky fiscal foundations.  … more

Civil Unrest in the EU

Brexit was just the first symptom Click Here for Story

Unintended Consequence?

Did SCOTUS just make a decision that will carry over to the 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Details

Warren Getting Heat on Her Alleged Indian Heritage

Trump fires back at her racist comments Click Here for Story

EU Panic

Angela Merkel, pictured with Francois Hollande and Matteo Renzi today, announced there would be no informal talks on Brexit before an Article 50 notification today   Rumors of superstate and not allowing further defections from EU Click Here for Details

Al Qaeda Threats

Asking for attacks on “Whites” in America Click Here for Story and Video

Hillary: Corrupt Globalist

AP Photo/Mark LennihanSelling out America to make herself and Foundation wealthy Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

© Michaela Rehle  Humans have a real sixth sense? Click Here for Story


Feds spend more on prison medical care than seniors, veterans and military personnel Click Here for Details

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