Tuesday June 7, 2017

First Leaker Busted?

  Federal contractor arrested for leaking classified info Click Here for Story

The Truth Hurts

Trump calls out London Mayor Sadiq Khan Click Here for Details

Medical Pot Bringing $8.8M, 48 New Positions to Michigan State Police

  Nearly $8.8 million of a proposed $33.1 million increase in the Michigan State Police budget next year would go toward hiring 48 new full-time employees to assist in medical marijuana licensure oversight. … more

Incentive Programs Fail: Evidence is All Too Clear

In short, state and local “development” programs are ineffective and expensive. They don’t work, they’re unfair to those who pay full freight, and cost billions of dollars that could be better used elsewhere. … more

Intolerant Congresswoman

Watch what Maxine Waters does to a liberal reporter who asks a question she doesn’t likeWatch Maxine Waters abuse a journalist? Click Here for Story

NOT Doing Their Job

Senate returns more pessimistic than ever on healthcareSenate won’t accomplish anything on healthcare? Click Here for Details and Video


Caught red handed trying to push a Jihad friendly agenda? Click Here for Story and Video

Enough Already

 Muslims close down public street to pray Click Here for Details

Yes, It Is a Travel Ban

  Stop possible jihadis from coming to the US Click Here for Story

Love Our DHS

immigration Homeland Security Officers defy judges illegal and inappropriate rulings Click Here for Details

Black Sheep of the Middle East?

Arab countries are cutting ties to Qatar over terrorism financing? Click Here for Story and Video


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