Tuesday March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

Image result for super tuesday states map Can Trump translate votes from polls? Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Schools to Take Chinese Students

Tuition based plan will bring hundreds of foreign students to Ann Arbor Schools Click Here for Details

Black Lives Matter Wants What?

Whites should give up this? Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

In 20 Years, Only Two Corporate Welfare Recipients Created 1,000+ Jobs

The state’s corporate welfare arm has approved benefits for just two projects that actually created 1,000 new jobs. And neither company sustained those jobs over time. … more

Michigan Worker’s Compensation Reforms Have Succeeded

  Gov. Rick Snyder signed a workers’ compensation reform bill over four years ago and the real world results of that legislation are now in, and they are very positive. … more

White House Doubles Down on Syrian Refugees

Obama Admin ignores Americans and wants more refugees Click Here for Details

Hillary is Wicked?

Image result for farrakhan  So says Louis Farrakhan…Click Here for Story

Yea, About That Obamacare

Image result for obamacare Only 15% have benefited from Obamacare Legislation Click Here for Details

Hillary Could Lose New York

Trump could take Democratic states from Hillary Click Here for Story

Hiding Her Liberal Tendencies?

Image result for megyn kelly  Megyn Kelly dines with Hollywood elites Click Here for Details

FEC Decision Could Censor Internet

Image result for FEC commission   News aggregate sites on the line Click Here for Story and Video

Diversity Isn’t Just About Race

  Ideological diversity is just as important Click Here for Details

Attacks On Trump a Sign of Fear

Image result for rubio   Establishment, status quo GOP are desperate Click Here for Story

More on Hillary and Benghazi

Hillary Clinton / AP More documents found and turned over Click Here for Details

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