Tuesday March 12, 2019 The Daily Drift

Not Working Together

Democrats refusing to negotiate call POTUS budget dead on arrival Click Here for Story

Republicans Imposed Medicaid Work Requirements; Governor Wants to Undo Them 

Gov. Whitmer wants U-turn on making able-bodied medical welfare recipients get a job

Mix One Part Green New Deal With One Part Polar Vortex

A system that relies solely on renewables would be dangerous for the Midwest

Messing Around

Actress gets herself in PC trouble Click Here for Details

Senate Showdown

GOP Senate looks for way to not have President Veto them Click Here for Story

The Northern Border

Illegal crossings from Canada now on the rise Click Here for Story

Who IS Coming Across the Southern Border

 People from the middle east Click Here for Details

Fake News

The Associated PressNBC tries to hide effects of Rep Omar’s comments in her home district Click Here for Story

No Impeachment?

Speaker Pelosi says she is not interested in going for impeachment? Click Here for Details

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