Tuesday March 20, 2018

What Is Mueller Doing?

Former FBI Director Robert MuellerAll charges leveled so far have nothing to do with collusion Click Here for Story

Salt Bill Would Raises Prices On All To Benefit One Company

 The Michigan Senate came together on a bill that raises costs for all citizens to benefit one select company. … more

Most Michigan Schools Surveyed Still Buying Union’s Costlier Health Insurance

 Health insurance costs for public school employees have increased for the past two years, after a five-year period when they were kept in check. … more

Students Being Used

Parkland students claim they are the ‘mass shooting generation.’ But the facts tell different story. Vocal minority is using Parkland to further an anti-second Amendment agenda Click Here for Details

Trump Admin Not Looking at Firing Mueller

Despite media falsehoods Admin says it is not considering the firing of Special Counsel Click Here for Story

Facebook Chose Sides

obamaObama was allowed to data mine? Click Here for Details

More Bombings in Austin

Serial bomber strikes again? Click Here for Story and Video

Not As Good As Everyone Thinks?

Robert Mueller Has Been Botching Investigations Since The Anthrax AttacksMueller has been botching investigations for a long time? Click Here for Details

Defenders of the Deep State

Senators Graham and Durbin are mouthpieces for the Deep State Click Here for Story

Britain Caves?

Surrenders to EU rules for Brexit Click Here for Details

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