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# Democrats Hold America Hostage: Day 1

Nancy PelosiPelosi and Schumer hold up Coronavirus aid package to push for climate rules and abortion funding Click Here for Details

Read the Democrats Pork filled Demands

Click Here for Info

Michigan Joins Stay at Home States

Governor Whitmer issues order to stay at home Click Here for Story

Classical Charter Schools on the Rise in Michigan

Ivywood’s unique partnership may break ground

Democrats Admit They Are Using the Corona Crisis

Using American’s pain and suffering to push their agenda Click Here for Story

Why Public Unions Shouldn’t Exist

Largest public sector union endorses BidenLargest US public sector union endorses senile Joe Click Here for Details

Spirit of Detroit

One landlord’s attempt to help businesses Click Here for Story

Letting the Economy Fail Is Not an Option

Quarantining can’t keep the economy from working Click Here for Details

Media is Irresponsible

Driving a crisis into dangerous territory Click Here for Story

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