Tuesday March 25, 2014

One Day Only

Washtenaw Clerk’s Office processed 74 gay marraige licenses before the stay went into effect Click Here for Story

Fun Fest Questioned?

   Is it contributing enough to the community? asks Hamburg Board Click Here for Details

City Says Recording Device Ban Was Due To ‘Miscommunication’

Grand Rapids says camera ban imposed at public hearing involving Acton Institute no longer in place

By Anne Schieber | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

GRAND RAPIDS — Two weeks ago, Michigan Capitol Confidential was banned from recording a public hearing involving the Acton Institute. Now city officials say that ban was due to a ‘misunderstanding’ and ‘miscommunicaiton’ and it no longer is in place. … more

What Right-To-Work Means

A view from a union contract

By Michael Van Beek | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

One could hear several varieties of apocalyptical claims while Michigan was in the process of becoming the 24th right-to-work state in the nation. Now that the law is in effect, however, and one can see what right-to-work actually does in practice, these claims seem way out of line.  … more

Congress to Look at Natural Gas Exports

Committees taking look at revamping US export laws Click Here for Story

A Bad School Administrator

  Won’t remove false definition of the 2nd Amendment from middle school workbook Click Here for Details

Showing Some Temporary Backbone?

G-7 suspends Russia from G-8 for now Click Here for Story

Is This Treason?

  With all that’s happening in the world why would Obama want to kill the US’s two most successful missile defense programs? Click Here for Details

Ebola Case

    In Canada? Click Here for Story

Putting on the Blinders

  DOJ says no conflict of interest in investigating IRS tea party problem Click Here for Details

Common Core Confusion

Indiana abandons Common Core but is it just changing the name? Click Here for Story

You Tube Censorship

   Suspends anti-Obama channel Click Here for Details


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