Tuesday May 2, 2017


Spending Bill

Who is supporting the latest budget bill Click Here for Story

Great Lakes to Stay in Budget?

Latest Fed budget doesn’t take all money away from Great Lakes Clean Up fund Click Here for Details

Proposed Corporate Giveaway Unlikely to Grow Economy

 The following is legislative testimony given by James Hohman, assistant director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center, to the Michigan House Tax Policy Committee on April 19, 2017, concerning a series of bills — Senate Bills 111-115 — intended to give taxpayer-financed subsidies to select real estate developers. … more

Too Far Left?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has a surprising take on whether the Democrats have moved ‘too far left’Even Chris Matthews says Dems have gone too far Click Here for Story

Enough Votes for Healthcare?

Trump Adviser says they have the votes to get something done Click Here for Details

How to Stop Illegal Immigration

Hungary's double fence stretches 96 miles along its southern border to Serbia. (Jacob Bojesson/The Daily Caller News Foundation) Hungary solved its problem Click Here for Story

GOP Not Respecting America’s Choice

No funding for wall or to stop sanctuary cities Click Here for Details

Jordan Says Yes to Possible Healthcare Plan?

Freedom caucus may be on board Click Here for Story and Video

But Freedom Caucus NOT Happy about Spending Plan

May not be support for budget bill Click Here for Details


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