Tuesday May 21, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

We Don’t Care…

One Democrat understands…we don’t care about Trump tax returns Click Here for Details

Bill Authorizes Herding Cats — Literally

Legislation authorizes ‘community cat’ programs for ‘community cat caretakers’

Beyond the Fight over Social Studies Standards

Michigan families need more educational freedom

Buttigieg on Abortion

Another Democrats who supports abortion at any time? Click Here for Details

Time to Replace RINO Amash

Finally a chance to get rid of Rep Justin Amash Click Here for Story

Bad Blue Light

wearing glasses to block blue light waves can be healthy? Click Here for Details

Double Talking Pelosi

  Crisis or no crisis? Pick one Nancy Click Here for Story

Wallace the Wimp

Chris Wallace Doesn’t hold Buttigieg accountable during interview Click Here for Details

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