Tuesday May 24, 2016

About That Nevada Dem Convention

What you may not have seen Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Meat Allergies from Ticks?

Lone Star Tick now showing up in southern Michigan Click Here for Details

How Forfeiture Should Work in Michigan

  The federal government is seizing a historic Detroit recording studio under its forfeiture laws. … more

Can Clinton Get Sanders Votes?

No so fast…Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Economic Interference Week

  The act of governments using tax dollars to pick winners and losers is nothing to celebrate.  … more


 Veterans Secretary makes an unbelievable statement about Veterans waiting for care Click Here for Details

Not Guilty

1st Baltimore Police Officer found NOT guilty in Freddie Gray death Click Here for Story

Dirty Harry Throws His Weight into Hillary VP Pick

Doesn’t want GOP Governor’s to pick a Dem replacement Click Here for Details

Back in the Spotlight

Newly released emails brings Fast & Furious case back into the open Click Here for Story

Obama Ends Arms Embargo

 Lifts weapons ban on Vietnam Click Here for Story

Clinton Cash Scandal

Yea its going to get bad Click Here for Details

Getting Chilly

Polish soldiers look on as U.S. Army soldiers unload M1 Abrams tanks which will participate in exercises at the training ground in Drawsko Pomorskie, Jankowo Pomorskie, northwestern Poland © Agencja Gazeta NATO Russian realtions back to COld War Era? Click Here for Story

IRS is Pathetic

IRS building in Washington / AP Paid over $15 billion in Earned Income Credits to people who shouldn’t have gotten it Click Here for Details

Judge Blasts DOJ Lawyers

For lying in court to defend Obama’s Amnesty plans Click Here for Story

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