Tuesday May 3, 2016

More of the Same from UAW

Corrupt union heads unifying behind a corrupt Clinton campaign Click Here for Story

State Data: No Detroit Teacher Shortage

   The Detroit Public Schools teacher-to-student ratio is lower than the state average and has been so for several years despite reports of a teacher shortage. … more

McConnell Calls Out Republicans

  GOP members not supporting Trump are making a mistake Click Here for Details

Pot Calling the Kettle…

Getty Images/David Calvert   Beck says Rubio has no credibility? Click Here for Story

VP Picks

Possible top ten for Trump ticket Click Here for Details

Why CAIR is Anti-American

Doesn’t want to honor US troops on Memorial Day Click Here for Story

Illegals Aren’t the Only Ting Crossing the Border

Diseases are too, more measles cases popping up in Arizona Click Here for Details and Video

Bernie Threatened?

Animal rights activists charge stage at Sanders event Click Here for Story

Did Gorilla Need to be Killed?

Cincinatti Zoo staff shot Harambe after he dragged the boy through the water, but many say he was simply trying to protect the child Was the right decision made in child gorilla incident at Cincinatti Zoo Click Here for Details

Disgusting Parents

Video tape their daughter encouraging murder Click Here for Story and Video


Holder’s strange comments on Snowden Click Here for Story

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