Tuesday May 8, 2018

Anti-Immigration Forces Bolstered

Immigration attorneyNew attorney group defends Trump Immigration plans Click Here for Story

DTE to Develop Property in Ann Arbor?

River front development could cost $75 million Click Here for Details

The Battle Between Taxes and Fees in Storm Sewer Finance

 The Legislature is considering a bill to change the way local governments pay for storm sewers. Some local government officials want the bill so that they will avoid legal challenges to the way they assess sewer costs to property owners. … more

Group Opposing Wind Project Accused Of Misleading Public

 A political flyer encouraging Bay and Midland County residents to voice their concerns about wind turbines at an April 26 Beaver Township public hearing is coming under fire for misleading the public.  … more

Progressive Propaganda Machines

39% of colleges have ZERO Republicans Click Here for Story

Don’t Comply with Witch Hunt

Giuliani says President does not have to comply with Mueller witch hunt subpoenas Click Here for Story

Mexico’s Deportation Force

Heavy hand in Mexico yet they complain about America? Click Here for Story

Just Wrong

Swedish police won’t describe rapists Click Here for Details

NY Hypocrisy

New York Attorney General accused of beating women? Click Here for Story

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