Tuesday November 13, 2018

Worst of Best or Best of Worst?

Hillary thinking of running again in 2020? Click Here for Details

Michigan Schools And Families Were Hurt By 800,000 Lost Jobs

Public school establishment complaining about cuts that happened 10 years ago

Detroit Public Schools Fails To Respond To Overdue Open Records Request

It’s the law

Phony Racism

Racist note left on dorm door. But when cops question student who reported it, the truth emerges.Alleged racist note was posted by hoaxer Click Here for Story

What to Expect for the Next Two Years

Dems showing what they’ll spend time and effort on Click Here for Details

Dems Pickup Arizona

Arizonans picked open borders Democrat Click Here for Story

Dirty Dems

Democrat Schumer says he will tie budget to FBI acting Director Click Here for Details

Racist Michelle?

Former First Lady says she was suspicious of whites fawning over Barack Obama Click Here for Story


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