Tuesday November 14, 2017

Was McConnell Behind Moore Accusations?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he believes the women who accused Alabama Senate GOP candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. McConnell says Moore should step aside from the Alabama Senate race. (Ap Photos) Senate Majority Leader wants Roy Moore to step down…is he behind the phony accusations? Click Here for Story

Idiocy Ends?

Ann Arbor City Council stop protests? Click Here for Details

Local Governments Are Not in Debt Because of Less Revenue Sharing

  The largest problem facing local governments is the amount of debt they have for workers in retirement. The debt comes in two forms: pension liabilities and government-funded medical insurance.  … more

Second Special Counsel?

IS AG Sessionb thinking of appointing a special counsel to investigate Clintons? Click Here for Details

Hypocrite Takei

This recent interview featuring George Takei and groping casts serious doubt on innocence claims Another Hollywood Lib gets caught up Click Here for Details

Back at Work

Rand Paul to return to Senate for first time since attackSen Rand Paul heads back to work after attack by neighbor Click Here for Story


 After jumping on Trump Russian collusion Brennan says we now need to improve relations with Russia? Click Here for Details and Video

Suit Against WaPo?

Moore says he may sue the Washington Post Click Here for Story

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