Tuesday November 20, 2018

Shut Down?

US shuts down California’s biggest entry from Mexico Click Here for Story

Municipal Lobby Ignores State’s Hard Times In Pleading For More

For all the recent growth Michigan still clawing back from an economic ‘lost decade’

The Good News And Bad News For UAW Members

Their money is being mismanaged but you don’t have to contribute

Acosta Running Short Time?

White House tells Acosta that once restraining order runs out, he’ll be suspended againWill face suspension again after Judges’ 14 day order runs out Click Here for Details

What Are Democrats Hiding?

Dems sue to keep tough investigator Whitaker from running the DOJ Click Here for Story and Video

Reap What You Vote For?

Economy will slow to a crawl after Mid Terms? Click Here for Details

Chris Wallace Dons his Tinfoil Hat

Asks Trump if he’d amend Constitution to run a third time ? Click Here for Story

Chicago Shooting

Shooting a Hospital has multiple victims and two dead so far? Click Here for Details

Western Dissidents

Western_Dissidents_Assange_Snowden_Robinson_WildersRise against the establishment Click Here for Details

Face Plant for Facebook?

Zuckerberg at war with his own company? Click Here for Story

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