Tuesday November 21, 2017


Political and media pundits speculated former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg might make a run for president in 2016, due to the unpopularity of both the Republican and Democratic candidates. Bloomberg said there's a good reason why he did not. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya) Bloomberg admits he could not have beaten Trump Click Here for Story 

Police Set Up Crime, Entrap College Student’s Cellphone and $100

 Police created the circumstances for the crime to be committed and then did not arrest or charge the individual they lured. But they did keep his money and cell phone. … more

Fake Hollywood News

Left tries to push allegations on conservative actor? Click Here for Details

What Will Be Revealed

FBI informant has years of details on the Uranium One deal Click Here for Story

No Justice at IRS

Lois Lerner wants to walk away scott free Click Here for Details

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Media icon gets hit by sexual allegations Click Here for Story

NFL Disgrace

NFL player won’t stand for US Anthem but stands for Mexican national anthem Click Here for Story

Build That Wall

Trump vows wall will be built after illegals stone Border Agent to death Click Here for Story


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