Tuesday November 24, 2015

That’s Containment?

Thanks Obama as Americans get a world wide travel alert for attacks by ISIS Click Here for Story and Video

Green Oak Gets New Hotel

Holiday Inn Express coming to Lee Road and US 23 intersection Click Here for Details

Detroit Public Schools Bankruptcy Could Cost the State $3.4 Billion

The Detroit Public Schools’ $1.3 billion in pension obligations is the major roadblock to the school district filing for bankruptcy, according to a recent state of Michigan analysis. … more

Capping Retirement Contributions Changes Few District Incentives

The state’s 2012 retirement reforms changed the way that pension benefits offered in Michigan school districts are paid. It capped a school district’s contributions to the retirement system, with the state pledging to pay the amounts required above the district cap. But this may not have changed the policy picture as much as legislators hoped. … more

Lack of National Pride Inspires Terrorism?

 A look at why immigrants don’t love their new home countries Click Here for Details

Doctoring Intel

IS this scandal about to blow up big? Click Here for Story

Hillary Wants to Limit School Choice

  Backing away from charter school support and wants to lock children into failing schools Click Here for Details

Anonymous Death Threats Against Blacks?

Emmanuel Bowden. Image credit: Twitter  Made by… guess who? A black person Click Here for Story

Your Federal Government at Work: 150 Skip Customs at JFK

Image result for tsa  Flight from Mexico allowed to bypass security and customs Click Here for Details and Video

Russia Doing, Obama Blowing Smoke

Russian bombing of ISIS hits new highs as the Obama Admin does nothing Click Here for Story

ISIS Threat in US

Paper shows how at risk we are Click Here for Details

Your Money…Their Waste

Image result for epa  EPA gives money to group to preach against “White Privilege”  Click Here for Story

Obama’s Thoughts on Who is The Enemy

Image result for gop  His priorities are off base for America Click Here for Details and Video

Yoga is Offensive?

Image result for yoga  Political Correctness gone waaaay to far Click Here for Story

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