Tuesday November 6, 2018

Protecting Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

Trump Admin pledges to keep coverage Click Here for Details

Kavanaugh Report Released

No evidence against Kavanaugh over allegations and investigations start on accusers Click Here for Details

School Funding Truth A Casualty Of Michigan Political Campaigns

‘Cuts to school budgets’ largely a political myth here

Helping More Michigan Students Learn to Read

Campaign promises are likely not enough

Liberals Teaching Your Kids

‘Vocal and angry right wing’: HS vocabulary quiz slams conservatives — and parents aren’t happyAnother HS teacher caught propagandizing Click Here for Details

Federal Monitoring

DOJ will be monitoring some states for election fraud Click Here for Story

Iran Sanctions Return

Iran calls it economic war Click Here for Details

Facebook Apology?

 Facebook apologizes for censoring Pro-Life ads? Click Here for Details

Suppression Polls?

Is the media trying to dampen conservative vote? Click Here for Details







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