Tuesday October 1, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Coup Continues

Democrats are trying to pull a coup to get rid of Trump Click Here for Details

Government Pension Underfunding Threatens U.P. Hospital’s Future

Reforms may have been too little too late; federal lifeline sought

Look Who IS Connected to Ukraine?

Image result for adam schiff Adam Schiff connected to Ukraine Arms Dealer ?Click Here for Story

Economic Growth Drives Budget Priorities

Largest gains were schools, roads and Medicaid

Even Libs See the Hypocrisy

Bill Maher svages Rachel Maddow Click Here for Details

Russia Sanctioned

Treasury Dept puts sanction on Russian individuals for 2018 election interference Click Here for Story

More Hypocrisy

What politicians said about Clinton and now say about Trump Click Here for Details

Sore Loser Can’t Let It Go

   Hillary wants to void the votes of 63 million Americans Click Here for Story

3 Way

Dems now tie in Presidential primary race Click Here for Details

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