Tuesday October 15, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

CNN Exposed!!

Image result for cnn  Project Veritas exposes the clear bias of the CNN Propaganda machine Click Here for Details and Video

What Are the Democrats Hiding

Eject a GOP Member of Congress from an impeachment inquiry meeting Click Here for Story

CMU Tuition More Than Doubled Since 2000; Revenues Up But Enrollment Stagnant 

State higher education funding is down, though

What’s Wrong with Washington DC?

Globalist Dems, GOP and Media would rather guard Syria’s border than our own US border Click Here for Details

Attacking Turkey’s Pocketbook?

Trump Admin says sanctions are coming for Turkey after their attack on Kurds Click Here for Story and Video

Syrian Forces Move Toward Turkey

As US forces pullout Syria moves in to confront Turkey Click Here for Details

Barr’s Warning

 America is under attack from within ? Click Here for Story

Google China Collusion

Google is partnering with China on an AI Manhattan Project Click Here for Story

Lying Lieu

Yet another Democrat Congressman has huge truth deficiencies Click Here for Details

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