Tuesday October 2, 2018

Canada Gets on Board

NAFTA now being replaced as Canada agrees to new US, Mexico Canada trade deal Click Here for Details

59 Percent Say ‘No’ To School Tax Hike, 18 Months Later It’s Back

Resident claims it’s the same repackaged as ‘security’; ‘$1,500 toilet partitions, $11,000 scoreboards’

Report Ranks Schools By Lowest Resident Enrollment, Minus Key Fact

How good are the schools abandoned by parents who use public school choice?

Analyzing Ford Testimony

Accuser’s story gets torn apart? Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Starts…

Without Kavanaugh Click Here for Details

New Mexico # 1 ?

 Under Trump economy New Mexico is top performing economy Click Here for Story

No Conviction of Character

Senator Flake says he wouldn’t call for FBI investigation if he were trying to get elected Click Here for Story

Indoctrinating Children

UK teacher out of control on diversity Click Here for Details

POTUS Tells FBI to Be Thorough?

White House gives permission for more witnesses to be interviewed Click Here for Story

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