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Dirty Mitt

Image result for mitt romney  Mitt Romney cowardly uses a fake twitter account Click Here for Story

Resort Owners On Subsidy Agency’s Committee, Get Its Subsidies, Praise It In Newspaper

Spokesman says it’s all legal

Kamala Pushes Fake News

Says Giuliani clearly committed crimes but can’t name one Click Here for Story

Charter Schools Targeted By Veto To Protest At Governor’s Detroit Office 

Regular district schools get raise but not charters, which have more poor and minorities

SCOTUS Rules on Gerrymandering

Supreme Court throws out challenge to Michigan electoral mapMichigan case gets thrown out of Supreme Court Click Here for Details

The New Rich

Rich Chinese now outnumber wealthy Americans? Click Here for Story


Only 6% of Iowa voters think impeachment is an important issue Click Here for Details

Censuring Schiff

Image result for adam schiff  184 GOP House Members sign up to censure Rep. Adam Schiff for his lies Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Uploading your mind? Click Here for Details

Not Out Yet

Some US troops will stay in Syria Click Here for Story

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