Tuesday October 23, 2018

You Can Blame Russia for This

US leaving the INF treat is Russia’s fault Click Here for Details

Regulator: Utility Could Improve On Being Open And Transparent

Key industry stakeholders no-shows at meetings on utility’s power source overhaul

Guess Who IS Hiding In the Caravan

Spanish-language network reporter reveals who is ‘infiltrating’ migrant caravan heading to USIllegals from Muslim countries infiltrating the Caravan of Illegals heading toward the US Click Here for Story

Stop It or Lose Funding

POTUS wants to cut funds to those countries not stopping the  Caravan Click Here for Story

Polio Like Virus is Spreading

Did this come from unbridled immigration? Click Here for Details


The President knows that the Caravan IS a National Emergency Click Here for Details

Good Guys With Guns Work

Criminal shot by good guy at TV studio Click Here for Story

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