Tuesday October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Libs Disappointed

Charges against Manafort are for business dealings not Trump campaign Click Here for Story

Filled With Mistruths

 Huffington Post said Michigan’s experience with school vouchers has been a success for banks and hedge funds but has hurt students. Except, Michigan doesn’t have the voucher system. … more

Obama Implicated in Phony Trump Dossier

Report: Obama paid nearly $1 million to law firm that hired Fusion GPS to compile anti-Trump dossier almost a million dollars from Obama PAC paid to GPS Fusion Click Here for Details

American Leftists Meeting with ISIS?

New report looks at connections between anarchists and leftist protesters and Islamic radical groups Click Here for Story

Were Manafort’s Constitutional Rights Violated?

Leaks by Mueller’s group may be a big problem Click Here for Details

Still No Evidence to Trump Russia Collusion

Recent indictments mean nothing? Click Here for Story


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