Tuesday October 6, 2015

Breaking NEWS:  President Obama NOT Welcome

Roseburg Oregon says the Politicizer of Tragedy in Chief is Not welcome to visit Click Here for Story

Join Gary Wellings on The Morning Rush Hour Rant at 6:30 Tuesday Morning on Mixlr.com /The Daily Drift for live or podcast

Party Poopers?

U of M looks to curb student drinking? Click Here for Details

Detroit Public Schools Takes Out a Loan to Pay Off Another Loan

Records show that Detroit Public Schools took out a loan from a state financing authority on the day a $107.8 million loan was due so it could pay off that earlier loan. Detroit Public School’s finances are important to taxpayers since some are advocating a bailout for the troubled district. … more

Afghan Troops Called in Air Strike that Hit Hospital

  Investigation continues but Us troops DID NOT call in for air support Click Here for Details

All is Not What It Seems

Think Fiorina is an outsider? Think again? Click Here for Details link contributed by Pgh Expat

Mika the Gun Grabber?

MSNBC  MSNBC host wants to know why gun confiscation can’t happen in US? Click Here for Story and Video

This is Recovery?

  If this is what Obama’s recovery looks like what will the next recession look like?! Click Here for Details link contriubted by PTavola

TPP Agreement Reached?

How badly will we get screwed? Click Here for Story

Trump Bashing Pacific Trade Bill

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announces his tax plan during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York on September 28, 2015. AFP PHOTO/DOMINICK REUTER (Photo credit should readThis won’t be good for American workers Click Here for Details

Teacher’s Union Supports a Liar in Chief?

20150923_hillary_clinton_smiling_ap_1160.jpg  Support for Hillary comes with endorsement Click Here for Details

The Angry Victim

Hillary tries anger to combat her lack of transparency and accountability Click Here for Story

Yea, Give Them Nukes?

The chief of the aerospace division of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, left, listens to an unidentified colonel as he points to US RQ-170 Sentinel drone  Iran says it already has all US Middle-East bases targeted by missiles Click Here for Details

Maybe Right?

  Trump says Middle East would be better off if Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein were in power? Click Here for Story

Arm Yourself

AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher  Mother of Oregon shooting victim says Americans must arm themselves Click Here for Details

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