Tuesday September 19, 2017

US Will Leave Paris Accord

Gary Cohn says yes the US is out Click Here for Story

Meet The New Teachers Union Myths, Same As The Old Ones

 The Michigan Education Association’s “listening tour” has dubious claims. … more

Giving More Taxpayer Dollars to Universities Won’t Make Michigan More Educated

   In The Detroit News, Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz argues for more taxpayer spending on state universities. Students that get degrees, he explains, earn more than those without them. But he never says that giving state universities more taxpayers dollars will result in more students earning degrees. It won’t. … more

Pension Disaster

Government pension systems are ready to fail Click Here for Story

Is the CBO Relevant?

Democratic leaders want full CBO analysis of ObamaCare repeal bill Dems want full CBO analysis of Obamacare repeal bill but is the CBO factual? Click Here for Details

The King of Wall Street?

Obama cashes in on Wall Street speeches Click Here for Story

Head to Head

Hannity takes on Maddow on cable time slots Click Here for Details

UN Mis-Mangagement

IS it bureaucracy or corruption that ruins the UN? Click Here for Story

History of a Failing GOP

How long have Republicans been throwing citizens under the bus? Click Here for Story

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