Wednesday April 17, 2019

Why Are Catholics Still Voting Democratic

Voting Democrat is committing cultural suicide Click Here for Story

Legislative Open Records Bills Overcome Constitutional Hiccup

Other legislatures figured out separation of powers glitch, Michigan’s may be about to also

Local Governments Get a Raise From Property Tax Payers

Tax limits still allow plenty of growth

Clear Hypocrisy

Democrats want you to take more of your money but not willing to give themselves? Click Here for Details

What Is Assange?

A hero or a villain? Click Here for Details


How did election fundraising go for 1st quarter ? Click Here for Story


Why was there an alarm at Notre Dame BEFORE the fire? Click Here for Details

This Is Islam?

Cleric shows the proper way for Muslims to beat their wives? Click Here for Story

What’s Behind This ?

  Buttigieg says all young folks should do national service? Click Here for Details


The Congressman who joked about nuking gun owners now pushes for jail time for those who Eric Swalwellwouldn’t turn in their assault weapons Click Here for Details


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