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Gretchen’s Scandal?

Governor Whitmer hires firm with big DNC ties to track  Corona cases  medical info Click Here for Details

Democrats Using Crisis As Leverage

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck SchumerDisgusting how Pelosi is leveraging the Coronacrisis to push the liberal agenda Click Here for Details

County by County

New York says elective surgery to resume depending on county and conditions Click Here for Story

Lockdown is Hurting the Healthcare System

Its not Coronavirus that is destroying our healthcare infrastructure Click Here for Details

License Restrictions Block Getting More Nurses Where Needed

States could help patients by honoring each others’ medical licenses

Are Christians Being Targeted During Lockdown?

Mosques don’t seem to be under scrutiny like churches Click Here for Details

Immigration Suspended

POTUS suspends immigration due to Coronavirus and economic crisis Click Here for Story

How the Pandemic Will Affect Public Sector Pension Plans

The system currently has a lot of debt and is underfunded

The Biden Plan?

Put Michelle Obama on the ticket to replace him? Click Here for Story

Testing Not Necessarily the Answer?

(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images) False positives and false negatives are likely Click Here for Details


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