Wednesday April 25, 2018

Senate Disgrace

New VA Secretary treated badly by Senate Dems? Click Here for Story

Pfizer Profits $21.5 Billion In 2017, Gets $32 Million Tax Break From Small Michigan City

 In 2017 Pfizer earned $21.5 billion in profits. In April, the global biopharmaceutical company was granted a property tax break by the city of Portage worth $32.1 million over 15 years.  … more


More Competition Among Liquor Stores on the Way – For Now

It’s competition that makes products better and less expensive, creating value in the meantime. And a recent judicial ruling has held that Michigan liquor stores aren’t exempt from it. … more

You Tube’s AI Deletion

YouTube used AI to remove more than 8 million offensive videos from platform in just 3 months How You Tube is using AI to remove videos Click Here for Story

Pompeo Vote

Senate ready for full vote on Secretary of State nominee Click Here for Details

Chicken Little

  Nancy Pelosi says the sky is falling? Click Here for Story

Give US the Wall

Migrant caravan looking to get into the US Click Here for Story

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