Wednesday August 15, 2018

Democrat Still Wants Superdelegates?

Even though superdelegates helped Hillary dismiss Bernie supporters choice Click Here for Story

More Terror in London

Another terrorism act near Parliament Click Here for Story

Progressives Not Well Received

In Michigan Progressive candidates haven’t fared well this year Click Here for Story

Medicaid Dues Skim May Come To An End, After All

Friends, relatives of disabled individuals among those swept into public sector unions

Investigate Antifa?

Secret Service now looking at Antifa group after threats Click Here for Story

Short Defense?

Manafort legal team rests without calling witnesses Click Here for Details

Blame Brennan

  Trump hater John Brennan was the quarterback of the Trump Russia Collusion investigation? Click Here for Story


Omarosa getting mocked by late night liberal comedy hosts Click Here for Details


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