Wednesday August 28, 2019 The Daily Drift

Deep State and Fed Collusion

Why the Fed needs to be eliminated Click Here for Details

High Water Bonus?

Getting the famous Petoskey stone might be easier now Click Here for Details

Teachers Union Opposed State Pension Reforms, Now Doing Same

Retired employees call union’s changes ‘disaster,’ ‘radical,’ ‘extreme’

Licensing Laws are Destructive and Ineffective – But There Are Alternatives

There are ways to regulate without locking workers out

Epstein Death Video Footage Not Useable?

More video footage seems oddly unuseable Click Here for Story

Democrats Fight Over whose Fantasy Is Better

Yang and Sanders fight over which insane socialistic promise would work Click Here for Details

The Mystery Space Plane

The X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV-5) being staged in September of 2017  Force space plane breaks its own record Click Here for Details

Violent Media Personalities

Never Trumper, Neo-Con Jennifer Rubin wants to burn down the GOP and its supporters? Click Here for Details and Video

The End of Journalism is Complete

New York Times journalist is now the poster boy for all that is wrong with today’s journalists Click Here for Details


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