Wednesday August 9, 2017

What’s With the McMaster Issue?

To go or not to go Click Here for Story

Less Than A Year After Bailout, Detroit Schools Again Scramble to Stay Afloat

  The Detroit public school district had to leave 300 vacant positions unfilled, sell $10 million in property, and use a one-time transfer of $15.7 million left on the “old” district’s books to keep from racking up another round of deficits and debt. … more

Trump Labor Secretary Joins Bipartisan Call for Licensure Reform

  President Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, called for states to reform their occupational licensing rules to encourage job creation. The Obama administration had also previously called for major reforms. … more

Time to Replace McConnell?

GOP Senate candidate not happy with the status quo in Senate Click Here for Details

Ruh Roh?

Is Nikki Halley supporting climate change arguments? Click Here for Story and Video

NoKos Amping It Up

Full on preparation to hit the US with a nuke? Click Here for Story

Intolerant Google

  Fires employee for not being PC? Click Here for Details

Media Ignores Lawsuit Against Dems

Fraud suit filed against DNC and Wasserman Schultz but media ignores Click Here for Story


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