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Merry Christmas!

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The Trump Economy

a screenshot of a cell phone: Record Breaker Biggest shopping day in history? Click Here for Story

Epstein Story Not Finished

More wealthy and powerful people are involved? Click Here for Details

Rand Paul’s Festivus Rant

The annual roasting of politicians from Senator Rand Paul Click Here for Story

The Problem of Dynasties in DC

Dingell family is the poster child for what should not happen with our politics Click Here for Details

How to Argue with Snowflakes

New website to help deal with those with TDS? Click Here for Details

No Friend of Russia?

President Trump signs the FY 2020 NDAA at Joint Base Andrews, Md. on Friday. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead) Despite Democrat claims Trump Admin policies are putting the squeeze on Russia Click Her for Details

Fact Checking the Lying Media

No Ukraine funds were not withheld just after the President’s phone call Click Here for Details

An Elitist Who Must Go

Rep Justin Amash needs to be unelected in 2020 Click Here for Story


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