Wednesday December 30, 2015

What Will RINOs Do Next

Governor Snyder and GOP plans for 2016 Click Here for Details

House Democrats Oppose ‘Trapping’ Detroit Students in Non-Union Schools

Members of the Michigan House of Representative’s Democratic caucus appear to have conflicting views toward Detroit schoolchildren, who, they say, are “trapped” in a failing school district. … more

Archaic Prevailing Wage Law Should Be Repealed

In Michigan, government entities, such as school districts, must pay all contractors union wages for construction projects — the so-called prevailing wage. This wage rate is established by the state and is based on wages collectively bargained for by unions in the region where the construction work is being done.  … more

The Obama Economy

Why this growth is so anemic Click Here for Details and Video

Clinton’s Fake Feminism

Clinton trolling for women’s votes Click Here for Details

The Trump Way

Trump campaign is not business as usual Click Here for Story

Euro Immigration Wave a Planned Invasion?

Milos Zeman, the Czech president, said he intended to pay tribute to the soldiers of the Russian Liberation ArmyCzech PM says mass immigration is no coincidence? Click Here for Details

Militia vs The Feds

Anti-government sentiment focusing on ranchers in Oregon Click Here for Story

Feds Spying On The Wrong People

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined President Barack Obama last month for a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House.US spying on Israel sweeps up US Congressional info too Click Here for Details

While the World Explodes UN Focuses on Climate Change

  UN Secretary General spends time and energy on climate change instead of violence Click Here for Story…Sound familiar?



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