Wednesday December 5, 2018

Deep State Looks to Cover Itself?

Senator Rand Paul comments on being excluded from Khashoggi hearing? Click Here for Details

‘Stand Up To Billionaires And Corporations’? Tlaib Voted To Give Them One Billion Taxpayer Dollars

She approved 8 of 8 bills that authorized taxpayer subsidies to corporations and developers

The Costly Part of Government-Owned Broadband

 Government-led broadband projects leave taxpayers on the hook

Macron Backs Down

Climate gas tax to be removed amid protests Click Here for Story


Joe Biden says he’s the most qualified person to be President Click Here for Details

GOP Hacked?

Emails of Republicans hacked Click Here for Story

Complete School System or Cultural Failure?

1 in 5 Millenials see US flag as symbol of hate and intolerance Click Here for Story

Covering for the Haters

Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Facebook)Nancy Pelosi tries to reassure Jews that Democrats aren’t anti-Semites Click Here for Details

May Day May Day…

Prime Minister Theresa gets defeated on her proposed Brexit deal Click Here for Story

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