Wednesday February 13, 2019 The Daily Drift

Is $1.3 Billion Acceptable?

Deal reached by committee but is it enough for the President and the people? Click Here for Story and Video

Media Smokestack Images And Air Pollution Spin

  Those billowing white clouds coming out aren’t what you may think

Dead Last In Payments to Local Governments And Everything Else

The dangers of relying on outdated data

Another Nut Running for President

Democrat Corey Booker says all Americans must go Vegan? Click Here for Details

Gun Grabber Kelly

Mark Kelly will run for Arizona Senate Click Here for Details


Mueller may not issue a report? Click Here for Details

Senate Finds No Collusion

Why did we spend all this money? Click Here for Story


El Chapo found guilty on all counts Click Here for Details

Empire Falling

Jussie Smollett File PhotoSmoletts story is falling apart?   Click Here for Story

UN Proves it IS Corrupt

Decides to deal with corrupt Venezuelan Maduro instead of legitimate government Click Here for Details

Liar Liar

Kamala Harris caught in another lie? Click Here for Details


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