Wednesday February 21, 2018

Another Weak Charge by Mueller Team?

Unrelated to alleged Trump collusion Robert Mueller files another charge Click Here for Story

Michigan Concealed Carry

What counties have the most and least Click Here for Details

Meet Some Law Enforcement Officers Who Support Forfeiture Reform

 While many interest groups representing law enforcement employees oppose reforming civil asset forfeiture to require a criminal conviction before the state can take ownership of a person’s property, some law enforcement officers support the changes. … more

MSU Spending Big For Post-Nassar PR

 Michigan State University pays its top media spokesman $195,765 a year. Now in “crisis mode,” MSU has hired another media relations expert at $325 an hour. … more

Russian Moore

Michael Moore attended anti-Trump ‘not my president’ rally allegedly organized by Russian operativesIronically anti-Trumper Michael Moore attended Russian sponsored protest rally Click Here for Story

Trump Endorses Romney

POTUS backs Utah Senate run by Mitt Romney Click Here for Details


San Francisco streets filled with feces trash and drug needles Click Here for Story

Propaganda News

 CNN and MSNBC promoted protests sponsored by Russia Click Here for Details

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