Wednesday February 24, 2016

Snow Storm Headed for Southeast Michigan

snowy mix could leave  up to 6 inches of Snow Click Here for Details

  Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Huffington Post ran a column calling Michigan’s charter schools a national embarrassment. A Stanford University group that is the leader in charter school evaluation nationally says the charters in Detroit are a model for other communities.… more

Eating Their Own

GOP establishment Super Pac takes aim at GOP front runner Click Here for Story

Censoring Conservatives

University shows that diversity doesn’t include conservative values Click Here for Details

Will Senate Cave Due to Elections?

Image result for senate gop  Senators are more concerned with getting re-elected than doing the right thing? Click Here for Story


Image result for rick tyler fired Cruz finally fires campaign worker for dirty politics Click Here for Details and Video

Backlash Against Refugees

Germans watch migrant motel burn? Click Here for Story and Video

Trump Would Prosecute Hillary

Image result for trump hillary  The Donald wants Hillary Clinton prosecuted for breaking laws Click Here for Story and Video

Obama Jokes About Scalia Death?

Image result for obama laughing   More disgrace from a President who hates American and Constitutional values Click Here for Details and Video

Judge Rules Against Hillary

Discovery will continue in email investigation Click Here for Story and Video

Rubio is The New Establishment Candidate

Image result for rubio  And uses the same rhetoric as he pushes for nomination and the status quo in Washington DC Click Here for Details and Video


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