Wednesday February 25, 2015

Breaking: Obama Vetoes Union Jobs

Keystone Pipeline gets thumbs down from Obama as well as energy independence as he does what the Saudis command him to do Click Here for Details

Call Senator Debbie Stabenow (810) 720-4172      Tell them to overturn Obama’s veto!

Call Senator Gary Peters 313) 226-6020                   Tell them we want those Union Jobs!

State’s Corporate Welfare Agency Tone Deaf to Requests for Transparency

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Making transparency a precondition for receiving tax credits from the state is apparently a foreign concept at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which is the state’s corporate welfare arm. … more

House Republicans Announce Criminal Justice Reforms

By Michael J. Reitz | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Members of the Michigan House today announced efforts to reform the state’s criminal laws. … more

ISIS Has 90 Hostages

Abducts 90 Syrian Christians Click Here for Details

Two -Faced Allies

Obama has to deal with Middle east allies who claim cooperation against extremism but also allow funding Click Here for Story

Par for the Course

Image result for head of VA   Another Obama Admin official caught in big lie Click Here for Details

Glimmer of Hope Against Net Neutrality?

One Democrat has some problems with it Click Here for Story

Muslim Immigration a Security Threat?

Image result for muslim immigrants      Euro countries are regretting the large influx of Islamic immigration why is the US doing the same thing? Click Here for Details

News from the Federal Reserve

Image result for federal reserve   No interest rate hikes soon and please don’t audit us? Click Here for Story

Think Your Internet is Slow?

Wait till net neutrality hits Click Here for Details and Video

McConnell Caves on Immigration?

Image result for mcconnell    GOP goes gutless instead of blaming possible shutdown on the Democrats Click Here for Story

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