Wednesday January 15, 2014

Brighton Schools Has New Board President

  Newcomer gets top spot on School Board Click Here for Details

 Michigan Auto Jobs On the Rebound Thanks to ‘Leaner and Meaner’ Manufacturers

Economist: Industry won’t likely recover to pre-recession levels

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Though auto manufacturing jobs numbers are lower than they were a decade ago, the trend is upward, which economists say is encouraging. There were 282,400 auto manufacturing jobs in the state in January 2003. That number dropped to 114,400 in July 2009. But in November, there were 169,600 auto manufacturing jobs in the state, a 48 percent increase from July 2009. … more

For State Employees, 2014 Means Finally Having the Freedom To Choose

Right-to-work now an option

By F. Vincent Vernuccio and Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan state employees had ample reason to celebrate the new year — their unions can longer get them fired for not paying dues or fees. … more

The Fall of Freedom

   US falls to 12th place in Economic Freedom Index Click Here for Details

Obamacare Updates

Simple charts to see how its progressing Click Here for Story

Keep On Spending?

     $1 Trillion budget on track Click Here for Details

Obama Knew Benghazi Was Not About Video

Transcripts show breifing on attack not video protest Click Here for Story

Better Economy?

   Fewer Americans have jobs than 6 years ago Click Here for Details

Secret Iranian Side Deal?

Iranian deal not looking good for anyone but Iran Click Here for Details

Iran Boasts About Deal

   Made the world bend to its will? Click Here for Story

Egypt Getting It Right?

   Egypt plans on undermining Hamas terror group Click Here for Details

Dept. of Injustice: FBI Lacks Credibility

   Charges won’t be filed in IRS TEA Party Targeting scandal Click Here for Story





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