Wednesday January 22, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Tax Cuts Are Paying for Themselves

Far from ruining the budget the Trump tax cuts are paying for themselves Click Here for Details

Ripping the Liar

Rep. Adam Schiff is shown. GOP rips on Adam Schiff for his lies Click Here for Story

Non-Citizens Voting

Illinois admits non-citizens have voted Click Here for Story

Harbaugh and U of M

What’s happening with U of M football? Click Here for Details

Calling the Kettle..

Schiff says McConnell setting stage for 'rigged trial' Impeachment rigger Adam Schiff says the Senate is rigging  Click Here for Story

Trial Begins

Impeachment starts in Senate Click Here for Details

The Cover Up…

IS Adam Schiff’s contacts with whistle blower Click Here for Story

Uh Oh Lizzy

Elizabeth Warren, Sushil TyagiElizabeth Warren has a new problem? Click Here for Details

Being PC is Suicidal

Britain’s policies on Islam is killing its own culture Click Here for Story


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