Wednesday January 29, 2014

Obama Raising Minimum Wage

  Announces in State of the Union address Click Here for Details

Small Charge, Big Problem

   Has your credit card been charged $9.84? Its a scam Click Here for Details

Budget Watchdog: Debt Burden In Michigan Now $25,300 Per Taxpayer

State has among the highest debt per-person in the nation

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

TIA calculates available Michigan assets at $22.7 billion and liabilities at $97.7 billion, meaning each taxpayer has a financial burden of $25,300. Graduates in Michigan have an average student debt of $28,840. The state’s taxpayer burden has risen sharply in recent years, rising from $15,800 per tax paying citizen in 2009. … more

Commentary: Kent County Land Bank Is Not a Good Deal For Citizens

Recent report from the land bank promoting generous return on investment missing key information

By Jarrett Skorup and Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Based on a presentation from the Kent County Land Bank, it appears officials believe that only they can keep buy, sell and upgrade properties. In reality, such positive activity is just business-as-usual in the private real estate market. … more

Executive Incompetence

 Obama failures mount even as he plans on doing more on his own Click Here for Details

 The Highland Park Transformation

How changing to a Charter School District can save a School District play video below

Michele Bachman Schools Independent Senator Bernie Sanders

   Far left Senator shows he’s not up to speed Click Here for Story and video

White House White Wash?

   Obama Admin removes blog post that knocks legalization of Marijuana Click Here for Story

Flooding the Oil Market?

  Iraq and Iran looking to replace Saudi Arabia? Click Here for Details

GOP Leadership Bending on Immigration and Amnesty?

  Calling it legal status? Click Here for Story

Honest Analysis of Obama

Mark Levin gives his honest views on where Obama has taken the US Click Here for Video and Story

Increasing Cost of Government

  Obama’s minimum wage hike will increase costs for all Americans Click Here for Details

ICE Data Shows Special Treatment for Some Illegals

Gender and nationality causes special treatment from Immigration and Customs Click Here for Story



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