Wednesday January 30, 2019

Not Enough?

Democrats offer a pedestrian fence for border security? Click Here for Details

MSU Report Distorts School Funding Picture

Education revenues on track, Michigan near middle of pack

Ouch Harris Insults Angel Families

Not a way to start a Presidential run Click Here for Story

Schultz Goes After Harris’ Health Care Plan?

Is this an opening shot? Click Here for Story

Why the Delay?

Lawmakers delay AG Barr Confirmation Click Here for Details

Motive Failure?

FBI can’t find reason for Vegas shooters act? Click Here for Story

What the….The Ultimate Hypocrite

 Kamala Harris says Legislators should see photos of dead babies to pass gun control yet completely supports abortion? Click Here for Details

The Truth About Jihadism

Allahu Akbar means what? Click Here for Details



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