Wednesday January 31, 2018

State of The Union

POTUS knocks it out of the park as Democrats show their true anti-American colors Click Here for Details

Speaker Ryan Endorses Memo Release

House Speaker Paul Ryan said a memo authored by Democrats on the intelligence panel that is meant to serve as a rebuttal to the GOP memo will be released to the public after it is screened by the Department of Justice to ensure it does not contain information damaging to national security. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)FBI / DOJ must be held accountable for possible malfeasance Click Here for Details

Memo is Accurate

Reviews showing FISA Memo is accurate Click Here for Story and Video

Cash Bail Hurts Innocent Poor People

 Most people are aware that the Michigan legal system uses bail requirements to bolster public safety and ensure that criminal defendants make their court dates. But they may not know how it perpetuates inequalities in the system, keeping legally innocent people behind bars because they can’t make bail. … more

Real Collusion

Uranium One deal is the real crime of Russian collusion Click Here for Details and Video

Dems Block Abortion Ban

Democrats block 20 week abortion ban Click Here for Details

Not All DACA Kids are Dreamers

Two DACA recipients arrested for human smuggling Click Here for Story

Satellite Worries

Do China and Russia have satellite destroying capabilities? Click Here for Details

Hiding Info

Democrats wanted Memo NOT released Click Here for Story

Media is Hysterical Over Memo Release

Morning Joe is outraged at FBI abuses being exposed? Click Here for Details


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