Wednesday January 9, 2019

POTUS in Prime Time

President takes wall funding directly to the people Click Here for Story

DC Elite Trying to Protect Themselves

Bipartisan group of Senators want to keep Mueller scam going Click Here for Story

U-M Diversity Chief Gets $407k Annually, Oversees 12 Employees

Office budget is $2 million, but that’s not all

A Third Of New School Hires Choose 2017 Reform’s Traditional Pension Option

But new employee burden sharing requirements make repeat of old system’s underfunding less likely

Uneducated and Biased Youth

 Students slam immigration quotes thinking Trump said them…Surprise guess who did? Click Here for Details and Video

Democrats Don’t Want You to Get Your Tax Refund

Claim giving you your refunds during shutdown is illegal Click Here for Story

Mexico Upping Upping the Ante on Southern Border

Will increase guards at Guatemala Mexico border Click Here for Details

Common Sense Still Reigns?

Conservatives still outnumber Liberals for now in the US Click Here for Story

Wall Prep

Pentagon readies for possible wall project if ordered to Click Here for Details

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